Jan 23

How to Fix Instagram to Facebook Authentication Error



If you are one of Instagrams 90 million users who also owns an iOS device and have been receiving an error message whenever you attempt to upload a picture to both Instagram and Facebook, you are not alone. My editor and I are both avid Instagram users and we have both encountered this error for the past few weeks.


After checking every setting in our iPhones and deleting both the Instagram app as well as the Facebook app the error still occurred. Then after some research we found the solution to the problem.

If you are having the same problem don’t throw your iPhone or reinstall anything.

First you are going to head to your computer and log into your Facebook account and search Instagram in the top Facebook search bar. Click on the option that is listed as Instagram App. You will now be on the below page.


Once you are here all you need to do to fix your error message is click the Send to Mobile button and you will receive a notification on your iOS device from Facebook.

photo-1 copy

Your Instagram app will now be able to upload to your Facebook account as well without anymore errors.



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