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Dec 16

Facebook says ‘passively consuming’ the News Feed will make you feel worse about yourself

“Using Facebook without contributing, in the form of messages and comments on your friends’ posts, makes you feel bad, the company said today.” View More

May 07

10-Year-Old Earns $10,000 for Finding Instagram Bug

Feb 24

Facebook rolls out expanded Like button reactions around the world

“After more than a year in development, Facebook’s expanded Like button “reactions” are now coming to a News Feed near you. For the first time, you’ll be able to react to friends’ posts with something other than a gesture of pure positivity.” View More

Feb 24

Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger

Feb 19

Facebook Tests SMS Integration In Messenger, Launches Support For Multiple Accounts

“Facebook says it’s testing a way for users to receive, read and respond to their SMS-based conversations in its Messenger application for mobile devices.” View More

Dec 20

Instagram Is Now Worth $35 Billion

“Citigroup raised the valuation of Instagram this morning from $19 billion to $35 billion. The photo-sharing network recently announced it had surpassed 300 million active users, and has taken steps toward cleaning up spam accounts, as well as adding new filters and features in an update this week.” View More

Jul 06

Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment

“Scientists at Facebook have published a paper showing that they manipulated the content seen by more than 600,000 users in an attempt to determine whether this would affect their emotional state.” View More

Feb 23

One Blue App Isn’t Enough — Now Facebook Wants to Be a Massive Internet Conglomerate

“Over the next five to 10 years, most people with feature phones will get smartphones. Some of them will get smartphones just so they can use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends.” View More

Feb 20

Facebook Buys Messaging App WhatsApp for $19 Billion – Report, Details

“That’s 19 times of what they paid for the popular Image sharing website Instagram. Yes, Facebook bought the very popular chat app WhatsApp for a whooping sum of $19 billion.” View More

Sep 29

1.26 billion Facebook profiles become a clickable monument to humanity

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