Jul 23

OS X Lion: Serious Wi-Fi Disconnect Problems for Macs?

My MacBook Pro seems to loose WiFi connection after coming back from sleep. Here is what I tried:

1. Go into Network Preferences
2. Turn off Wi-Fi
3. Delete the Wi-Fi service
4. Delete the Automatic location
5. Using the + button to create Wi-Fi again, and then rejoin the network. Also, under the settings gear icon, choosing Set Service Order and moving Wi-Fi upwards.

If this does not work, I will post my next attempt or solution


  1. WiFi seems to be working after the above fix, but the 10.7.1 update seems to have resolved the issue.

    • Mark on August 20, 2011 at 2:06 pm
    • Reply

    Curious how this worked out for you. I have a new iMac that seems to be suffering the same problem

  2. Tracking the problem on here:


    Just had a post from a user who’s spoken to Apple with a suggested solution!

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