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Netflix to dump Silverlight, Microsoft’s stalled technology

How To Utilize Fast User Switching On Your Mac

Mastering The Option Key On Your OS X Mac

The Option key is a powerful ally in the transition from new, beginner user of OS X to the power user that you want to be. There are a ton of hidden features in the Finder alone that are hidden behind the underrated and unassuming Option key. There are Option key tricks for the OS …

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2 Mountain Lion Bugs That Crash Apps

Here are two OS X 10.8 bugs for your collection. Both of these critters result in crashes of the affected applications. Network proxy bug Network’s Proxies options: To avoid crashes, make sure the top two configurations are not enabled. Theres good news and theres bad news here. The good news is that this bug affects …

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Scan For Active WiFi Hotspots Easily Right From Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

While traveling, it’s helpful to be able to find a strong WiFi signal, whether you need to check your email, review your latest notifications on Facebook, or actually get some work done. You can click the little WiFi rainbow icon in the menu bar obsessively, waiting for the “Searching for networks” message to end, of …

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Is Your Mac Infected By The Flashback Trojan Affecting 600,000 Macs?

The Reto Sad Mac

A Mac infected by a virus used to be something of a rarity, and it was the best argument you could bring to a Mac versus PC debate. But with Mac adoption surging in recent years, it was inevitable that Apple’s operating system would become a target for hackers. Variations of one Flashback trojan, which …

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VMware Updates Desktop Products: Workstation 8 and Fusion 4 Released

In an unusual move, VMware has given us a twofer and updated both its desktop flagship products today. VMware is releasing VMmware Workstation 8 for Windows and Linux, and VMware Fusion 4 for Mac users. The Fusion update makes Fusion “more Mac-like” and finally allows users to virtualize Mac OS X under VMware Fusion. Workstation …

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10.7: How to download the OS X Lion Installer or any App Store app on Lion

There’s been a lot of talk about how to get the OS X Lion Installer after you installed Lion. The main purpose of this may be to get the Installer dmg to create a bootable Installer disk, as described elsewhere. Many missed doing that before installation, me included. But actually this hint will work to …

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Show hidden files Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

To enable hidden files/folders in finder windows: Open Finder Open the Utilities folder Open a terminal window Copy and paste the following line in: 1 defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES Press return Now hold ‘alt’ on the keyboard and right click on the Finder icon Click on Relaunch You should find you will now be …

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About the OS X Lion v10.7.1 Update

The 10.7.1 update is recommended for all users running OS X Lion and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability and compatibility of your Mac, including fixes that: Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari Resolve an issue that may cause system audio …

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