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Mar 24

Netflix admits to capping AT&T and Verizon customer streams, backing up John Legere statement

“Last week when T-Mobile announced the addition of YouTube and other services to Binge On, John Legere addressed criticisms of Binge On and its 480p streaming quality, saying that AT&T and Verizon was streaming Netflix at 360p.” View More

Feb 02

T-Mobile JUMP! Prices Increase for Some on March 1, Drop for Others

“On March 1, customers participating in T-Mobile’s JUMP! upgrade program that currently costs $10 per month will either see a $2 dollar increase per month or a $1 reduction.” View More

Jun 20

New York City Slams Verizon’s Spectacular Fiber Failure

“In 2008, Verizon promised the city of New York that everyone who wanted fiber optic Internet and television service from FiOS would have it by 2014.” View More

Jan 29

Verizon is Raising Upgrade and Activations Fees to $40

“Yesterday evening, a source of ours tipped us to a potential increase in Verizon’s activation and upgrade fees that would go into effect February 5. The rates would increase from $35 and $30 up to $40, respectively.” View More

Jan 25

Verizon won’t do rollover data and doesn’t care if you leave for T-Mobile

“T-Mobile made headlines when it announced rollover data as the latest of its Uncarrier initiatives, letting customers carry over the unused data they’ve already paid for into subsequent billing cycles.” View More

Dec 19

T-Mobile wins fight against AT&T and Verizon over data roaming charges

“T-Mobile US has won a declaratory ruling that could force AT&T and Verizon Wireless to charge lower prices for data roaming. T-Mobile argued in a petition to the Federal Communications Commission that the biggest carriers charge their smaller competitors artificially high prices.” View More

Nov 23

[Updated : Motorola and AT&T Devices Work On Sprint] PSA : CDMA Carriers Probably Won’t Activate Your Nexus 6 Unless It Was Purchased From Google Play Or That Carrier (And What You Can Do About It)

“Update: Motorola has announced that all Nexus 6 devices should be able to be activated on Sprint now.” View More

Nov 11

Verizon contacted me on Twitter and asked for my billing password

“On Verizon Wireless’ website, the company advises customers to “[n]ever give your passwords to anyone over the phone, include them in e-mail messages, [or] give them to anyone.” This is good security advice that experts would agree with.” View More

Sep 30

Verizon Unlimited Data Customers, You Have One Day Left Before Throttling Begins

“After tomorrow, if you are a Verizon customer with unlimited data and an LTE phone, you could be throttled.” View More

Sep 11

T-Mobile Launches Un-carrier 7.0 Un-leashes Wi-Fi Worldwide

“Enables every T-Mobile customer and smartphone to call and text over any Wi-Fi connectionfor seamless coverage where no carrier network reaches – even at 30,000 feetUnveils T-Mobile Personal CellSpot for personal coverage wherever customers choose Get ready for a whole new way to think about mob” View More

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