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Dec 09

John Randall on Twitter

“Was so encouraged by this today couldn’t keep it to myself.” View More

Feb 27

Twitter Confirms: Algorithm Coming To Your Timeline

“Twitter is introducing an algorithmic component to its timeline that will, at times, reorder tweets, prioritizing them based on what Twitter thinks people most want to see. Twitter confirmed the changes today, which were first reported by BuzzFeed News last week.” View More

Nov 11

Verizon contacted me on Twitter and asked for my billing password

“On Verizon Wireless’ website, the company advises customers to “[n]ever give your passwords to anyone over the phone, include them in e-mail messages, [or] give them to anyone.” This is good security advice that experts would agree with.” View More

May 12

Twitter improves password-reset options, cracks down on suspicious logins

“Almost a year after rolling out two-factor authentication for verifying your logins, Twitter is announcing another welcome security update. This time, it’s an improved password-reset process and a smarter system for identifying suspicious logins.” View More

Apr 28

US built dozens of Twitter-like services around the world to promote political debates

“The US government has operated multiple social media services around the world in hopes of providing a forum for debate and possibly political unrest.” View More

Oct 05

The Potential And Pitfalls Of Twitter’s Mobile Business

Sep 13

Twitter makes IPO plans official: files confidential S-1, but expected value is about $14B

“We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale.— Twitter (@twitter) September 12, 2013 Twitter’s note that this is a confidential filing means the company’s annual revenue is less than $1 billion.” View More

Feb 16

Posterous closing on April 30th to focus on Twitter

It’s almost inevitable as breathing: a tech powerhouse acquires a clever yet small startup solely for its talent or technology, and lets any leftover services wither away. Posterous’ decision to shut down following its 2012 acquisition by Twitter is very nearly a textbook example. The 4-year-old firm will close its Posterous Spaces service on April …

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Feb 16

Posterous Will Shut Down On April 30th, Co-Founder Garry Tan Launches Posthaven To Save Your Sites

It was just a matter of time before Twitter shut the blogging platform Posterous down, after acquiring the company last March. The team had already been folded into the flock, but this means that nobody has to worry about pesky service interruptions of keeping the service’s diminishing number of users happy. The site will be …

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Feb 02

Twitter Hacked and 250,000 User Accounts Potentially Compromised: Change Your Passwords

In a blog post today, Twitter has let users know that around 250,000 accounts have potentially been compromised. That means it’s time to change your passwords. Twitter found unusual access patterns on some accounts. Subsequently, they’ve revoked access to all compromised accounts, and you should receive an email requiring you to reset your password if …

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