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Jan 17

Amazon is seeking FCC permission to conduct wireless technology tests

“Last week, Amazon.com filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission, seeking permission to run experiments on a number of frequency bands that might have some connection to the company’s work with delivery drones.” View More

Jan 05

How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists

“To die-hard fans, Apple’s Macintosh sometimes seems like an afterthought these days. Mac upgrades, once a frequent ritual, are few and far between. The Mac Pro, Apple’s marquee computer, hasn’t been refreshed since 2013. The affordable and flexible Mac mini was last upgraded in 2014.” View More

Dec 28

Apple working with Consumer Reports to pin down inconsistent MacBook Pro battery test results

“On December 22nd, Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the MacBook Pro — a first for a Mac laptop. It caused a stir! Consumer Reports’ reasoning was simple: it got wildly inconsistent battery test results every time it tried to test multiple versions of the laptop.” View More

Feb 26

Get ready – 5G will create waves of innovation that disrupt every industry

“It’s easy to focus on technology and not the behaviours it makes possible and the expectations it changes. The internet seemed decent in the early dial-up age. We didn’t pine for images to load instantly. Buffering videos was the price you paid for accessing anything from anywhere.” View More

Feb 26

Qualcomm is back with a vengeance

“The biggest winner of Mobile World Congress 2016 wasn’t a phone or a phone manufacturer, but a phone chip manufacturer: Qualcomm.” View More

Mar 24

The Magzet adapter is like MagSafe for your headphones

“A new Kickstarter project named Magzet is promising to do for headphones what Apple’s MagSafe connector did for power cables. The two-part audio connector works with any standard 3.5mm jack to magnetically attach your headphones to your laptop, MP3 player, or smartphone.” View More

Mar 16

The Ambassador who worked from a Nairobi bathroom to avoid State Dept. IT

“The current scandal roiling over the use of a private e-mail server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is just the latest in a series of scandals surrounding government e-mails.” View More

Sep 11

T-Mobile Launches Un-carrier 7.0 Un-leashes Wi-Fi Worldwide

“Enables every T-Mobile customer and smartphone to call and text over any Wi-Fi connectionfor seamless coverage where no carrier network reaches – even at 30,000 feetUnveils T-Mobile Personal CellSpot for personal coverage wherever customers choose Get ready for a whole new way to think about mob” View More

Jul 22

OnePlus One Equals the Best Smartphone You Can Buy for $300

“Mashable Choice highlights the products and services we’ve tested and would recommend to others. Consider it Liked, Favorited, +1’ed and Pinned. The OnePlus One smartphone, made in China with limited availability overseas, hails itself as a “flagship killer.” At $400 unlocked, the 5.” View More

May 27

The Era Of Good-Enough Smartphones

“The U.S. smartphone market remains quite peculiar.” View More

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