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Dec 28

Uber dealt blow after EU court classifies it as transport service

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Dec 26

Samsung Discontinues Smart TV Integration For SmartThings

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Dec 23

Apple might be slowing down old iPhones to preserve battery life

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Dec 16

Facebook says ‘passively consuming’ the News Feed will make you feel worse about yourself

“Using Facebook without contributing, in the form of messages and comments on your friends’ posts, makes you feel bad, the company said today.” View More

Nov 19

Google demands Cerberus anti-theft app to be less stealthy

“While Google provides its own tracking and anti-theft service through Android Device Manager, some users prefer third-party tools. One of these is Cerberus, a powerful and customizable anti-theft app that has been around for years.” View More

Sep 10

Lyft’s strategy: Be the Android of the self-driving car business

“On Thursday, Lyft announced a new self-driving car partnership with the Mountain View-based startup Drive.ai. In the coming months, Lyft customers in San Francisco will occasionally have their hails answered by Drive’s experimental self-driving cars—albeit with a safety driver in the front seat.” View More

Aug 30

New iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s Sneaky Secret

“Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 promises to introduce a number of new technologies to the iPhone faithful. One of those is a mainstay of many Android handsets, namely wireless charging. But Apple’s implementation is going to be disappointing to those hoping for the accepted protocols to be accepted.” View More

Aug 03

Adobe Finally Kills Flash Dead

“In 2010, Steve Jobs banished Adobe Flash from the iPhone. It was too insecure, Jobs wrote, too proprietary, too resource-intensive, too unaccommodating for a platform run by fingertips instead of mouse clicks. All of those gripes hold true. And now Adobe itself has finally conceded.” View More

May 29

Apple should be afraid of Google. Very afraid

“Google revealed a cascade of exciting innovations to its Google universe this week at the annual I/O developer conference. Apple should be quaking in its boots.” View More

May 27

Google Lens offers a clear view of the company’s future

“Google Lens is both a return to form for the search giant and a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead. Google’s early claim to fame was its ability to efficiently index the web and fetch search results quickly, bringing some much-needed organization to the chaotic early days of the internet.” View More

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