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Mar 24

Netflix admits to capping AT&T and Verizon customer streams, backing up John Legere statement

“Last week when T-Mobile announced the addition of YouTube and other services to Binge On, John Legere addressed criticisms of Binge On and its 480p streaming quality, saying that AT&T and Verizon was streaming Netflix at 360p.” View More

Mar 04

Deutsche Telekom’s effort to sell T-Mobile US paused due to spectrum auction

“Rumors of Deutsche Telekom looking to sell T-Mobile US seem to pop up every now and then, like last year when it was suggested that DT may sell T-Mo to Comcast. Today the topic has come up again, but this time DT is said to be halting its search for a buyer for T-Mo, at …

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Feb 02

T-Mobile JUMP! Prices Increase for Some on March 1, Drop for Others

“On March 1, customers participating in T-Mobile’s JUMP! upgrade program that currently costs $10 per month will either see a $2 dollar increase per month or a $1 reduction.” View More

Oct 04

T-Mobile Says The Nexus 5X And 6P Won’t Have Band 12 LTE Support (For Now)

“Taking a look at the spec sheet for the new Nexus phones, you might notice that the LTE section lists band 12. However, this is by no means a guarantee of actual support anymore.” View More

Aug 07

Check out T-Mobile Advanced Messaging in action

Aug 02

T-Mobile Advanced Messaging will beef up your text messaging experience

“T-Mobile may not have a new Un-carrier Amped move for us this week, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have anything cool to share. T-Mo has announced Advanced Messaging, a new feature that utilizes the Rich Communications Services standard to offer beefed up text messaging.” View More

Jun 20

New York City Slams Verizon’s Spectacular Fiber Failure

“In 2008, Verizon promised the city of New York that everyone who wanted fiber optic Internet and television service from FiOS would have it by 2014.” View More

Jun 14

T-Mobile Fighting To Increase 600 MHz Auction Size

“Next year the FCC is scheduled to hold an auction for 600 MHz spectrum. This is where all of the carriers will get the opportunity to get their hands on some very useful 600 MHz spectrum, but T-Mobile seems to think that the amount of spectrum being auctioned off is too small.” View More

Mar 17

Tomorrow’s Uncarrier move will be live-streamed

“T-Mobile announced this morning that – as is the norm these days – its next Uncarrier move will be available to watch via live web stream. A link to the stream will be published on its newsroom site. If you head on over to newsroom.t-mobile.” View More

Jan 25

Verizon won’t do rollover data and doesn’t care if you leave for T-Mobile

“T-Mobile made headlines when it announced rollover data as the latest of its Uncarrier initiatives, letting customers carry over the unused data they’ve already paid for into subsequent billing cycles.” View More

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