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Dec 19

T-Mobile wins fight against AT&T and Verizon over data roaming charges

“T-Mobile US has won a declaratory ruling that could force AT&T and Verizon Wireless to charge lower prices for data roaming. T-Mobile argued in a petition to the Federal Communications Commission that the biggest carriers charge their smaller competitors artificially high prices.” View More

Nov 23

[Updated : Motorola and AT&T Devices Work On Sprint] PSA : CDMA Carriers Probably Won’t Activate Your Nexus 6 Unless It Was Purchased From Google Play Or That Carrier (And What You Can Do About It)

“Update: Motorola has announced that all Nexus 6 devices should be able to be activated on Sprint now.” View More

Sep 11

T-Mobile Launches Un-carrier 7.0 Un-leashes Wi-Fi Worldwide

“Enables every T-Mobile customer and smartphone to call and text over any Wi-Fi connectionfor seamless coverage where no carrier network reaches – even at 30,000 feetUnveils T-Mobile Personal CellSpot for personal coverage wherever customers choose Get ready for a whole new way to think about mob” View More

Aug 16

Sprint could be set to undercut T-Mo’s unlimited plans

“Ever since Sprint backed out of its proposed merger with T-Mobile, it’s been all-change at the Kansas City-based telecoms company. Its CEO, Dan Hesse was , who’s set to bring a new competitive edge to Old Yeller.” View More

Aug 03

T-Mobile Q2 earnings call takeaway: We don’t need merger to succeed

“By now I’m sure you’ve all read, digested and formed your own opinions on T-Mobile’s Q2 earnings report published this morning. To round it up, T-Mo’s executives went over the highlights in one of its usual live-streamed conference calls.” View More

Aug 02

T-Mobile VoLTE reaches ‘nationwide’ status and 700MHz LTE is go! : TmoNewsTmoNews

“T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, took to a blog post this morning to let us know a few key exciting tidbits of information. First off: VoLTE is now officially nationwide. Secondly: 700MHz is go! T-Mobile’s upgrades and expansions on the network side have been hugely impressive over the past 6 months.” View More

Aug 02

T-Mobile Q2 2014: 1.5 million net adds, hits 50 million subscribers

“T-Mobile has just published its Q2 financial report and it makes for good reading. Just as analysts had predicted recently, T-Mobile remains the fastest-growing wireless company in the States. T-Mo didn’t quite reach the heights of 2.” View More

Jul 25

Starting October 1, Verizon Will Include Unlimited 4G LTE Customers in “Network Optimization”

“Back in September of 2011, Verizon introduced a new initiative called Network Optimization that only affected unlimited data customers.” View More

Mar 23

Sprint lays off 330 techs, shutters 55 stores as part of broader cuts

“Sprint recently cut a significant chunk of its staff dedicated to repairing and refurbishing phones and shut down its slower performing stores, part of a broader effort to reduce the company’s costs in the face of continued financial struggles. The Overland Park, Kan.” View More

Feb 08

FCC chairman skeptical over Sprint/T-Mobile merger

“Last week it was revealed that the Department of Justice was highly skeptical of a deal between SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom that would see a merger of Tmo and Sprint. This week, the FCC’s chairman has added his voice to the argument, and is in agreement with the DoJ.” View More

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