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Apr 08

Netflix fees going up for grandfathered subscribers in May, 80% don’t even know it’s coming

“Netflix announced the price increase from $7.99 to $9.99 of its standard subscription way back in May of 2014. It was then that pitchforks were supposedly coming out of the shed for the protest on Netflix HQ. That didn’t happen, of course.” View More

Mar 24

Netflix admits to capping AT&T and Verizon customer streams, backing up John Legere statement

“Last week when T-Mobile announced the addition of YouTube and other services to Binge On, John Legere addressed criticisms of Binge On and its 480p streaming quality, saying that AT&T and Verizon was streaming Netflix at 360p.” View More

Jan 26

These 41 movies and TV shows disappear from Netflix in February

“Netflix has sent out the list of movies and TV shows that’ll be vanishing from its service in February. As usual, it’s a mixed bag of classics that you will miss and not-so-classics that you won’t.” View More

Aug 04

Netflix And AT&T Sign Peering Agreement

“Netflix has signed a peering agreement with AT&T that will see the video streaming service pay the ISP for direct connection to its network. Previously, Netflix signed similar agreements with Comcast and Verizon.” View More

Jul 20

Did Verizon accidentally admit it’s slowing down Netflix traffic? Level 3 thinks so

“There has been a back-and-forth battle in recent weeks about what is causing the internet congestion that is degrading service to Netflix consumers.” View More

Jul 19

Verizon’s Accidental Mea Culpa

“David Young, Vice President, Verizon Regulatory Affairs recently published a blog post suggesting that Netflix themselves are responsible for the streaming slowdowns Netflix’s customers have been seeing. But his attempt at deception has backfired.” View More

Jul 16

Netflix Will Shut Down Public API Support For Third-Party Developers On November 14

“Netflix is getting a lot stingier with the way that third-party developers can use its content, announcing that it will stop supporting its public API by the end of the year.” View More

Jul 07

YouTube, following Netflix, is now publicly shaming internet providers for slow video

“When videos blur, buffer, or won’t play altogether, YouTube is now pinning the blame on your internet service provider. “Experiencing interruptions?” reads the message in a blue bar underneath choppy video, as seen in the above screenshot.” View More

Jun 21

FCC scrutinizing Netflix speed issues on Comcast and Verizon

“After months of complaints by Netflix, the Federal Communications Commission is beginning to look into the streaming quality issues that Netflix subscribers have been seeing on Comcast and Verizon.” View More

Apr 29

After Comcast, Netflix signs traffic deal with Verizon

“Netflix just confirmed that it will pay Verizon for direct access through the carrier’s network, allowing for improved streaming video for customers.” View More

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