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Jan 05

How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists

“To die-hard fans, Apple’s Macintosh sometimes seems like an afterthought these days. Mac upgrades, once a frequent ritual, are few and far between. The Mac Pro, Apple’s marquee computer, hasn’t been refreshed since 2013. The affordable and flexible Mac mini was last upgraded in 2014.” View More

Dec 28

Apple working with Consumer Reports to pin down inconsistent MacBook Pro battery test results

“On December 22nd, Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the MacBook Pro — a first for a Mac laptop. It caused a stir! Consumer Reports’ reasoning was simple: it got wildly inconsistent battery test results every time it tried to test multiple versions of the laptop.” View More

Jul 27

New attack bypasses HTTPS protection on Macs, Windows, and Linux

“A key guarantee provided by HTTPS encryption is that the addresses of visited websites aren’t visible to attackers who may be monitoring an end user’s network traffic. Now, researchers have devised an attack that breaks this protection.” View More

Jun 09

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Outsells iPad Pro In The UK

“Despite reports that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has outsold the Surface Pro 4 in the United States, that doesn’t appear to be the case in the U.K. Android Origin has the news. The article adds that Surface Pro devices sold approximately 275,000 units, as opposed to 107,000 iPad Pro units in the U.K.” View More

Apr 21

US government tells Windows users to uninstall QuickTime as Apple stops support

“The Department of Homeland Security has advised that PC owners uninstall Apple’s QuickTime for Windows, after two vulnerabilities were discovered in its code.” View More

Apr 16

How Apple is grooming the iPad to take over the Mac

“As Apple’s first truly new tablet in years, the iPad Pro is every bit the beast it was rumored to be. Built around a gorgeous 12.9-inch screen, it doesn’t skimp on the pixels or the power.” View More

Jan 24

Microsoft adds Mac testers to its Office Insider preview

“Microsoft today announced its Office Insider preview program now accepts Mac users of Office 365 Home, Personal and University, following up on the the same beta offer to Windows customers in November.” View More

Jan 23

How to Create a OS X El Capitan Boot Installer USB Flash Drive

“Many Mac users like to make a bootable installer drive for installing OS X El Capitan, whether for performing a clean install, or for making it easier to install OS X 10.11 onto multiple Macs.” View More

Jun 29

Woman unknowingly tosses a first-gen Apple computer worth $200,000 at a recycling center

“A recycling center in Silicon Valley is looking for a mystery woman who unknowingly dropped off a rare, first-generation Apple computer that fetched $200,000 at a private auction.” View More

Jan 24

How to transfer files between your Nexus 6 and computer

“Most of us reading here have a computer of some sort. Maybe it’s at home and you use it to play games or to surf the Internet, or maybe it’s at work and you do things that aren’t nearly as fun as playing games and surfing the Internet.” View More

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