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Dec 23

Apple might be slowing down old iPhones to preserve battery life

“” View More

Aug 30

New iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s Sneaky Secret

“Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 promises to introduce a number of new technologies to the iPhone faithful. One of those is a mainstay of many Android handsets, namely wireless charging. But Apple’s implementation is going to be disappointing to those hoping for the accepted protocols to be accepted.” View More

May 29

Apple should be afraid of Google. Very afraid

“Google revealed a cascade of exciting innovations to its Google universe this week at the annual I/O developer conference. Apple should be quaking in its boots.” View More

May 21

We tested Apple’s Siri versus Google’s new competitor on the iPhone, and Siri loses pretty miserably

“Google recently launched its version of Siri, named Google Assistant, on the iPhone. We’ve found it to be much smarter than Siri and, to prove it, we recently put it head-to-head with Apple’s assistant.” View More

Apr 11

Apple’s Clips app is social video editing that’s simple to a fault

“It was hard to know what to make of Clips at launch. Sure, Apple launches its own standalone apps from time to time, but it’s never offered up anything quite like this.” View More

Jan 16

Former Android chief ready to take on the iPhone — again

“The man who created Android, the most popular mobile software on the planet, is preparing his follow up act and it involves going after his longtime nemesis: Apple’s iPhone and its iOS rival software.” View More

Jun 01

Mophie releases an iPhone battery case with wireless charging

“Mophie has released a new line of battery cases for the iPhone that will allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphones.” View More

Mar 29

Windows Phone sales have almost ground to a halt

“Gartner has released its smartphone stats for Q4 2015 and the news is especially bad for Microsoft. In Q4 2014, the software giant owned 2.8 percent of the smartphone market — not great, but still good enough for around 10 million units sold.” View More

Mar 18

How to print Mail messages to PDF with 3D Touch on iPhone

“Mail may not have a Print PDF to iBooks button, but 3D Touch on iPhone 6s lets you do it anyway! The ability to “print” iOS content to a PDF file was a long time coming. Even when Print PDF to iBooks was added to the Share Sheet, however, the built-in Mail app was left …

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Feb 21

Apple Executives Detail Scope Of FBI Request And Company’s Motivations For Not Complying

“In a call with reporters today, Apple executives spoke in response to a motion the Justice Department filed today to force Apple to comply with a request from the FBI to provide access to the iPhone of Syed Farook taken as evidence in the case of the San Bernardino terrorist killings. Updates below.” View More

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