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Nov 19

Google demands Cerberus anti-theft app to be less stealthy

“While Google provides its own tracking and anti-theft service through Android Device Manager, some users prefer third-party tools. One of these is Cerberus, a powerful and customizable anti-theft app that has been around for years.” View More

May 29

Apple should be afraid of Google. Very afraid

“Google revealed a cascade of exciting innovations to its Google universe this week at the annual I/O developer conference. Apple should be quaking in its boots.” View More

May 27

Google Lens offers a clear view of the company’s future

“Google Lens is both a return to form for the search giant and a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead. Google’s early claim to fame was its ability to efficiently index the web and fetch search results quickly, bringing some much-needed organization to the chaotic early days of the internet.” View More

May 26

Ford adds Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to cars using over-the-air updates

“(Reuters) – Ford Motor Co said on Friday it would delve into the growing arena of “over-the-air” software updates, adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its Sync 3-equipped 2016 vehicles for the first time via a wireless software update.” View More

May 21

We tested Apple’s Siri versus Google’s new competitor on the iPhone, and Siri loses pretty miserably

“Google recently launched its version of Siri, named Google Assistant, on the iPhone. We’ve found it to be much smarter than Siri and, to prove it, we recently put it head-to-head with Apple’s assistant.” View More

Apr 15

Chrome now uses scroll anchoring to prevent those annoying page jumps

“The latest update to Google’s Chrome browser makes mobile browsing a bit easier and (hopefully) less frustrating. One of the most annoying things about browsing the web on a phone is that pages tend to jump while they are loading.” View More

Apr 10

Google’s fact check feature goes global and comes to Google Search

“We live in the age of fake news — both the really fake news that’s simply fake and the kind of news that some people like to call “fake” only because they don’t like hard facts.” View More

Jan 25

How to get ADB and Fastboot utilities without installing the Android SDK

Jan 16

Former Android chief ready to take on the iPhone — again

“The man who created Android, the most popular mobile software on the planet, is preparing his follow up act and it involves going after his longtime nemesis: Apple’s iPhone and its iOS rival software.” View More

Aug 13

I’m going all-in with Hangouts for messaging and calls

“I’m just finishing a two week experiment where I’ve gone “all in” on Google Hangouts for my calling and texting.” View More

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