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Make a Joint Email Address With a Gmail Filter

When Gmail Was First Announced, People Thought It Was an April Fools’ Joke

Google to Shut Down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2

Google to Shut Down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2

Get ready to start scheduling your emails in Gmail

Google allows third-party developers to access your account data — here’s how to disconnect apps you don’t trust before they read your mail

Gmail’s latest move isn’t the end of email, it’s a new beginning

“Everybody loves to hate email. It’s overwhelming, all-encompassing, and perhaps most importantly, lacks the context we’ve come to expect from modern communication apps.” View More

How to set up your iCloud email account on Android

“When asked for the IMAP server enter imap.mail.me.com.Your username is the name part of your @icloud.com address.Your password should be the same as your Apple ID password.Certificates should be set to SSL, or SSL (accept all certificates) if you’re having issues connecting.” View More

Google is testing an army of new features for Gmail

“There’s a whole new wave of features being considered for Google’s popular email client, and on the list is more tabs, a new pin system, and the ability to temporarily quiet an email notification.” View More

Gmail adds unsubscribe button to rid your inbox of promotions

“Google is making it a bit easier to rid your inbox of spam. It’s beginning to add an unsubscribe button to Gmail that will automatically appear in the header of emails that it detects might be unwanted messages from marketers.” View More

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