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Jan 17

Amazon is seeking FCC permission to conduct wireless technology tests

“Last week, Amazon.com filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission, seeking permission to run experiments on a number of frequency bands that might have some connection to the company’s work with delivery drones.” View More

Jun 20

New York City Slams Verizon’s Spectacular Fiber Failure

“In 2008, Verizon promised the city of New York that everyone who wanted fiber optic Internet and television service from FiOS would have it by 2014.” View More

Jun 14

T-Mobile Fighting To Increase 600 MHz Auction Size

“Next year the FCC is scheduled to hold an auction for 600 MHz spectrum. This is where all of the carriers will get the opportunity to get their hands on some very useful 600 MHz spectrum, but T-Mobile seems to think that the amount of spectrum being auctioned off is too small.” View More

Jun 12

Rightscorp Offered Internet Provider a Cut of Piracy Settlements

“Rightscorp, the piracy monetization company that works with Warner Bros. and other prominent copyright holders, goes to great lengths to reach allegedly pirating subscribers.” View More

Jan 11

AT&T defends unlimited data throttling, says the FTC can’t stop it

“The Federal Trade Commission cannot prevent AT&T from throttling unlimited data customers because of AT&T’s status as a common carrier, the company claimed in a motion to dismiss an FTC lawsuit this week.” View More

Jan 08

Google Fiber’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s nightmare come to life

“What’s every incumbent ISP’s worst nightmare? If we had to guess, it looks something like the filing that Google just made with the Federal Communications Commission.” View More

Jan 08

This privacy-protecting app cocktail is the NSA’s worst nightmare

“Protecting your privacy online is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to the prying eyes of the NSA and other spy agencies that have complex tools at their disposal to help them collect massive amounts of personal data.” View More

Jan 06

Google Strikes an Upbeat Note With FCC on Title II

“In a rare public comment by Google on net neutrality, the Internet giant this week said it sees a silver lining in the potential to be regulated like a telecom company.” View More

Dec 19

T-Mobile wins fight against AT&T and Verizon over data roaming charges

“T-Mobile US has won a declaratory ruling that could force AT&T and Verizon Wireless to charge lower prices for data roaming. T-Mobile argued in a petition to the Federal Communications Commission that the biggest carriers charge their smaller competitors artificially high prices.” View More

Jul 07

YouTube, following Netflix, is now publicly shaming internet providers for slow video

“When videos blur, buffer, or won’t play altogether, YouTube is now pinning the blame on your internet service provider. “Experiencing interruptions?” reads the message in a blue bar underneath choppy video, as seen in the above screenshot.” View More

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