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Mar 19

Federal Encryption Battle Could Spread to WhatsApp

“The New York Times reports that government officials are debating how to gain access to encrypted WhatsApp messages that have been approved for monitoring by a federal judge in a criminal investigation.” View More

Oct 25

How the NSA can break trillions of encrypted Web and VPN connections

“For years, privacy advocates have pushed developers of websites, virtual private network apps, and other cryptographic software to adopt the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic key exchange as a defense against surveillance from the US National Security Agency and other state-sponsored spies.” View More

Jun 12

Teaching Encryption Soon to Be Illegal in Australia

“Under the Defence Trade Control Act (DTCA), Australians could face up to ten years in prison for teaching encryption. Criminal charges will go into effect next year. The new legislation will make it illegal for Australians to teach or provide information on encryption without having a permit.” View More