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Jun 19

A California Labor Ruling Just Said an Uber Driver Is an Employee. That’s Uber’s Worst Nightmare.

“In what could be an explosive decision, the California Labor Commission has found that a driver for Uber in San Francisco is an employee of the company. That’s from a ruling filed in state court on Tuesday and first reported by Reuters. It’s pretty damning.” View More

Sep 13

California Regulator Sends Warning Letter To Uber, Lyft & SideCar Over Shared Ride Feature

“Shared rides are the new “it feature” among on-demand transportation services, with Uber, Lyft and SideCar all releasing their own versions to users over the last few weeks and months. But the California regulator which oversees the industry isn’t so keen on the idea.” View More

May 27

Not bad internet speeds!

Apr 07

California Court: Even Checking Maps on Phone While Driving Not Okay

Apr 06

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Apr 06

Sunset in DCA!

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Apr 06

Time to race!

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Apr 06

(No title)

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Apr 06

Hmmmm.. Looking for @dcatoday

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Apr 06


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