May 09

Facebook tips: Hide recent activity, shorten status tags

by Kristin Burnham, CIO May 9, 2011 12:00 pm Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from Visit CIO’s Macs in the Enterprise page.

Two new updates to Facebook’s activity streams rolled out last week: One, a much-requested feature that lets you hide your recent activity from your friends; and the other, an easier way to tag friends in a status update. Here’s what you need to know about both. How to hide your recent activity On your Facebook profile are updates that describe your latest activity. These can include snippets from a post you made on your friend’s wall or photo, brands that you’ve liked or names of individuals you’ve recently befriended. If you’d like your recent activity to be kept private or to simply tidy up your Wall, Facebook has integrated a way to prevent these updates from appearing. Note, though, that as your settings currently stand, your activity can only be seen by others if you have that friend in common. For example, if you write onohn’s wall, Mary will only be able to see the update on your wall if she is also friends with John. There are two ways you can hide posts. To hide select posts, such as a particular comment you left on a friend’s wall or a comment on a friend’s photo, hover above the post until the X button appears. Click on it and select “Remove Post” to delete that individual post from your feed. However, if, for example, you want to hide all posts displaying wall conversations, choose “Hide all Wall post activity.” A pop-up window will appear confirming that you no longer want these posts to appear in the recent activity section of your wall. You can do this for all other activities, too, including friend confirmations, photo comments and items you have liked.

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